A seasoned IT specialist with 20 years of experience in a wide range of technologies that is always learning something new. With exceptional experience in dealing with clients and end users I am looking for a role in an enterprise organization supporting Linux, Apache, Bash and MySQL along with new technologies as they come into existence.


2019 – Present

Software Analyst at Open-Xchange

Tasked with supporting Open-Xchange clients with the installation, configuration, and the troubleshooting of their on premises systems serving thousands to millions of users. For Open-Xchange App Suite the technologies include Debian and Red Hat Linux operating systems, Apache for load balancing and web server, Bash scripting, HAProxy for load balancing, and MySQL database. I was also trained by Open-Xchange or self directed training in the understanding and support the full email stack from DNS, Postfix, Dovecot Pro up to the App Suite email client. I also have some experience with PowerDNS.

2015 – 2019

System Adviser / Site Reliability Engineer at Dell SecureWorks

Systems Adviser and then promoted to Site Reliability Engineer supporting internal and external client facing applications. Worked with the following tools to support clients and developers; Ansible, Bash scripting, Jenkins, Linux Servers, Python, Grafana, and Kibana. I worked on a team that created one of the first SRE dashboards in Grafana and Telegraf that gave the company insight into the health of the customer portal. I also worked on creating a scripted solution to check the customer portal for availability and if the primary location was unreachable the F5 load balancer would then redirect traffic to the backup site so the customer did not experience down time.

2009 – 2015

Owner of MLD Services, Lexington, Kentucky

Company provided web hosting and services, computer support, networking and more. Servers consisted of CentOS Linux servers running customers’ web sites on Apache, email with Postfix and Dovecot, and ftp. Bash scripting used for maintenance and backups. During this time MLD performed engagements with the following clients.

Linux Systems Administrator at Tower Hill Insurance Group

Responsibilities include deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting of in house applications. Researched and recommended task automation tools, such as Azkaban and Chronos. Bash scripting used for automating tasks. Created a live Linux CD which boots the user into a Microsoft Terminal Server session to maximize PC life.

The Linux environment consisted of physical and virtual machines running Red Hat Linux 5.x and 6.x. The Job duties include deploying servers running Red Hat Linux for roles including database, file server, git, subversion, bash scripting and web based applications created by the Tower Hill developers.

I also assisted and supported the other administrators with different aspects of running the data center such as mounting new servers, networking equipment and troubleshooting.

Other day to day responsibilities included supporting desktops running Windows 7, Phones, and LAN equipment, video conferencing and Office 365.

Linux Systems Administrator at Lexmark

Working with a team at Lexmark on Cloud based print release and mobile printing. Included deploying virtual machines running Red Hat Linux 5.x running ActiveMQ; Apache, Postgres Database Server, Bash scripting, and Network File System servers running at Cincinnati Bell or Verizon cloud providers. Worked with developers building and maintaining different environments. Developer, QA, and Production. Worked on end user documentation and troubleshooting printing issues.

Systems Administrator at IBM

Contract Systems Administrator for IBM. I supported IBM customers with all aspects of Linux server deployment, troubleshooting, hardware repair, networking, and Bash scripting.

2002 – 2009

Systems Manager at US District Courts Lexington, Kentucky

Duties included building and maintaining servers running Red Hat Linux, Fedora Linux, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Sun Solaris, for web, database and file servers.

Built the public web server with a content management system; running Fedora Linux, Plone and Zope, that allowed Eastern District of Kentucky jurors to access the system through a web page to see if they were required to show up for Court. The system also allowed the Court’s Juror Administrator to make changes and update the site from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

Built and maintained the web site The original web site was built using Microsoft Word 97 and did not have support for web browsers such as Firefox. When I finished the site update it was compatible with all major web browsers running on Apple, Windows, or Linux.

Built and maintained Linux file servers running Unison so traveling Judges and staff could work from files on a local server and updates sent back to their duty stations local servers and vice versa.

Linux server deployment and administration including the automation of tasks with Bash scripting.

I also received training on Informix databases and SQL, and was in charge of making sure databases were up and running, and backed up to tape.

Created the courts first standard image using Microsoft’s Sysprep utility with Windows XP to deploy a large shipment of computers to all six Eastern District of Kentucky Courthouses and I was also involved in scripting repetitive tasks for users with Microsoft VBScript and Wintask.

Duties for desktop support include software installation, updates, and training. Desktop support also included hardware upgrades and repair.

1986 – 2002

Level 3 Support for Toyota Motor Manufacturing, KY

During my time at Toyota I actually worked all levels of support; L1, L2, and L3 technician.
Duties for L1 and L2 entailed all aspects of desktop support. Desktop systems were supplied by IBM and Dell running Windows 98.

Responsible for pre-shift checks and maintenance of the Assembly Line Control System running OPENVMS and Oracle databases.

L3 responsibilities include configuring and maintaining network and server hardware, and support of Toyota’s proprietary factory systems.

Shipping Clerk Papania’s Inc. Lexington, KY

Started as delivery driver, and moved up to shipper position as the company expanded. Created spreadsheets using Microsoft Works for retail customers to help with their pricing, and gross profit percentage. I also suggested the use of personal computers to replace the voice mail system which had failed. I assisted in the purchase of the two computers, the software, and any maintenance of these systems.

My complete resume in rich text format.

Current training and continuing education:

Google: System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services Completed April 12, 2023.
Google: The bits and bytes of computer networking completed on July 15, 2023.