Cryptoheros sajica

Cryptoheros sajica

A break from the Linux and tech posts to talk Tropical fish.

I recently rediscovered an old favourite Cryptoheros sajica.

According to Wikipedia:

The T-bar cichlid (Cryptoheros sajica), also known as Sajica cichlid is a Central American species of cichlid found in freshwater streams and lakes on the Pacific slope of Costa Rica. It was formerly known as Archocentrus sajica, but the taxonomy was revised as a result of a study by Juan Schmitter-Soto. The fish is tan colored with seven indistinct bars on the body. The third bar is usually prominent and coupled with a dark lateral stripe running from the gill cover results in a horizontal T-shaped mark, hence the common name of T-bar cichlid.

Males reportedly can reach up to 5 inches (12cm) in length and from what I have read it is possible to raise a group of 6 to maturity in a tank as small as 75 gallons, due to it being one of the more “peaceful member” of the Convict cichlids.

Evidently Cryptoheros sajica spawning behaviours include cave spawning and open substrate spawning.

Looking at images on Google the males can develop a nuchal hump and develop long filaments on the dorsal and anal fins.

My fish are eating just about anything. They pick at algae, eat all flake and pellets along with live baby guppies that enter the tank.

Tank temp is 76.

pH is around 7.

One of my fish at 1.5 inches:

Cryptoheros sajicaTo learn more about Cryptoheros sajica:

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